[Engsubbed] Hyun Joong in Dream High Ep1 Cut

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(subbing) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com

At last.....Eng sub here!!

[Photo]SS501 - M Pick Classic moment Cut

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....who will be remembered these pictures!!!...there had gathered around the back of the M!
......Hyun Joong ya!!!...Classic moments along the way... not easy to have it...!!

[Photo]Hyun Joong - since young untill now Collection

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looks funny...!

Gucci!!!! LOL

DR.young Baek.....

she is his friend!!!......??



[Photo]Hyun Joong - Old Girlfriend

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Oh my goshh!!!...your hand!!!...Hug me instead!!!...i posted it on twitter long time ago!...
.......but want to repost it again!!..............
hahahha...Broken heart again and againnnnnnnn

[Scan]Hyun Joong @ Korean Hurricane Magazine China January 2011

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[Photo]Hyun Joong @ Dream High - Back Shot

Aigoo!...back side still Good looking!! LOL

[News] Hyun Joong 2010 Asia top ten guy!

Translated from Chinese into English by Elle @LeaderhyunJoong via twitter
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.....actually i trans this news almost 4 days ago....but other blog reposted it!!..
...well...Hyun Joong is the best!!!....he deserves it!!!

Sponsored by the inspirational youth entertainment network, “Asia ten handsome – 2011 Asia top ten guy!” After more than two months of voting, millions of users to vote scoring near, the eyes of Asian people has finally been published ten list handsome!

“Asia Ten handsome – 2011 Asia top ten guy!” : Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Wei, Yamashita Tomohisa, Luo Zhi Xian(Alan Luo), Han Geng, Wu Zun, Zheng Yun hao, Ming Dao, Fu Xin Bo, Shim Chang-Min.

Li Wei, 2010 Happy Boys where the absolute power to win the title, South Korea, popular combination of TVXQ to Shen Changmin singing, dancing, eyes, body, and so won the runner-up, Han Geng finished third, followed by Asia, announced ten handsome – 2011 Asia’s top ten scores of each guy:

Ten Asian handsome – 2011 Top Ten Asian guy scoring

1. Lee Wei 25874104
2. Shim Chang-Min 23954078
3. Han Geng 19871566
4. Ming Dao 18157678
5. Yamashita Tomohisa 15128743
6. Luo Zhi Xian(Alan Luo) 12987416
7. Zheng Yun hao 10789450

8. Kim Hyun Joong 98744706

9.Wu Zun 84157845
10.Fu Xin Bo 57874110

“Asia Ten handsome “ — 2010 Asia top ten guy! By the Chinese mainstream media Qingchunyule Lizhi wangluo – Qingchunlizhi Yule Wang organized Sina Blog and Baidu Post Bar tieba, is divided into three: (China, Korea, Comprehensive Area. top ten from each district Primaries in Asia), Asia primaries(handsome star aggregate in three primary areas, final top 10 in Asia), Asia Final (score by the users, resulting in the “Asia Ten handsome “ — 2010 Asia top ten guy!)

[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong – Playful Kiss Notebook

Credit: dscs.uueasy.com
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....Aigooo!! I want to buy it!!..anyone know where can buy it?......