[Photo]Hyun Joong Behind the scene CUT for new album[no logo]

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Survey Check on Mnet [Added Information]

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How many people have Mnet account and plan to download and stream Hyun Joong's mini album there?

This survey is to check the amount of people purchasing from Mnet.
If the amount is huge, then I will organise a help-to-stream team for Mnet.
Since some of us are very busy and do not have to time to stream daily, the team will help to stream.
This plan however is not feasibile for Soribada due to the 1IP 1 account factor.

Some information for Mnet
-Streaming Coupon (to stream for a month) = 3300 Korean Won
-Download 1 song = 600 Korean Won
-> Minimum top-up 1000 Korean Won
Detailed tutorials will be posted in June

Kim Hyun Joong's Ice Berg Face Shop CF Screencaps Plus GIF

[Engsubbed] Hyun Joong No.3 in YStar 4D Ranking

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Kim Hyun Joong, Choreography Room for New Album Revealed ‘Like Living Moving Statue’

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110523n04093
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Before Kim Hyun Joong makes his comeback in the music industry, behind the scenes of the preparation process photos have officially been revealed.
In the morning of May 23rd, Kim Hyun Joong in the preparation process of his first solo mini album has been posted on online board. Interests from the music world and both local and overseas fans are rapidly increasing.
The released photos depict Kim Hyun Joong working in the recording room and practising choreography vividly. In particular because of his carefree and 4D personality shown through variety shows, upon the release of him seriously working photos, fans’ supports and anticipations will increase even more.
On stage,he showcases perfect makeup and outfits, but the sight of Kim Hyun Joong is sweating in casual wear, focused on practising made the fans went ‘Very excited about the album’ , ‘It’s still Kim Hyun Joong’ and more comments.
Kim Hyun Joong’s management company Keyeast expresses ‘Kim Hyun Joong is now exerting all his efforts and giving his best in practising the choreography and songs for the upcoming fanmeeting’ They add ‘The biggest motivation in giving his best in the preparation process of his album stems from wanting to give his fans the best gift’.
On 7th June, Kim Hyun Joong is officially starting his activites by holding a fanmeeting with around 4000 of audience. Kim Hyun Joong’s debut solo album is available to pre-order on various online music sites since the 20th of this month and will be released on 8th of June.

Kim Hyun Joong releases BTS rehearsal photos of his “Break Down” comeback

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While preparing for his highly-anticipated comeback, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong gave his patient fans a treat by unveiling some BTS photos from his practice room.
The photos are from his rehearsal for his “Break Down” stage, and fans on various community boards left enthusiastic messages of support for the star.
Key East commented, “Kim Hyun Joong is literally counting down the days until he’s be able to meet with his fans on stage, and is focused entirely on his singing and choreography practice. He’s determined to do his best until the very end so that the album can be considered a present to all those who have waited for him.”
Kim Hyun Joong will be holding a debut showcase at a venue which seats a 4,000 member audience on June 7th. His mini-album will be released on the following day.

Kim Hyun Joong Is No 1. Treding Topic on Nate For His Breakdown Comeback!

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