[Engsubbed] KHJ Break Down Limited Edition Album MV Making Video Part 1.4-4.4

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[Engsubbed] KHJ Break Down Limited Edition Album MV Making Video Part 2.4

[Engsubbed] KHJ Break Down Limited Edition Album MV Making Video Part 3.4

[Engsubbed] KHJ Break Down Limited Edition Album MV Making Video Part 4.4

[2011.07.18][Official Photosby CJE&M Global] Kim Hyun Joong @ Mnet Countdown 15.07.11

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[2011.07.18][Trans] Kim Hyun Joong, Being a Singer Conquer Asia… No.1 Ranking in 5 Asia Countries

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Kim Hyun Joong as a solo singer, with high popularity surging thru Asia.

Kim Hyun Joong released his 1st solo mini album “BREAK DOWN” in Korea, this album broke the record of 10 million copies within 2 weeks which shows his exceptional high popularity. His title song “BREAK DOWN” was ranked No. 1 in various music charts, other songs in the album “PLEASE” and “KISS KISS” are also successfully in the charts of all music website ranking.

“BREAK DOWN” exceptional high popularity is surging thru Asia. Last week, at Japan’s [ORICON Import Music CDs Segment], Taiwan [5 Music, G-Music], Philippines [Astro], Thailand [Channel V] and Hong Kong [KKbox] etc ranked 1st in all the most top Music website, shows and stations.

People from the music industry commented, “Having this successful results without any overseas promotions or activities, it is very noteworthy, “The whole of Asia is concerned and on the lookout for the directions of Korean Center Kim Hyun Joong’s activities.”

Kim Hyun Joong plans using this ultra-high heat, to start another frenzy in his domestic country. If you say Kim Hyun Joong in his title song “BREAK DOWN” is full of masculine beauty, with the next song “KISS KISS” he turns into romantic guy in a fast tempo dance song to seduce women’s heart. The 1st performance for “KISS KISS” will be on [Mnet Count Down] stage to meet everyone.

On the other hand, after Kim Hyun Joong ends his “KISS KISS” activities, he will start his overseas activities in August.

[Photo]Hyun Joong @ Yongsan Fan Sign by Geumnuna 110717

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[2011.07.17][FanCam] KHJ @ Yongsan Fansign Event by KIMHYUNJOONGPERFECT


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[2011.07.17][FanCam] KHJ @ Yongsan FanSign Event

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[Video]Kim Hyun Joong @ BREAKDOWN Fansign in iPARK, Seoul

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[Photos][2011.06.16] KHJ @ Music Core by murdererq

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[2011.07.17][Photos] KHJ @ Inkigayo KISS KISS by murdererq

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