[Fancam] Hyun Joong gets out of Vincom Trade Centre, Vietnam 11.08.2011

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[Pic+Trans] Kim Hyun Joong visit @ TFS Vincom Plaza by afamily.vn [11.08.11]

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Kim Hyun Joong “stir-up” Vincom Plaza, Ho Chi Minh City Today, Aug 11, after the press conference and resting time in the morning,

Kim Hyun Joong arrived to Vincom at around 3:00pm as plan Because HyunJoong’s schedule this time is publicly announced on TFS website, since early time, fans have been waiting at the area around Vincom.
In order to have the most up-close and best view, some fans even “picnic” outside of Vincom waiting for the appearance of their idol.

The environment becomes even more excited when it gets close to the time when JiHoo of F4 is about to arrive Vincom. Banners, posters, cheering slogans, hugs, sweat…and even tears of fans create an interesting and diversified environment to Vincom Plaza.

At 3:00pm, Kim Hyun Joong appeared with the loud cheering of fans. The chant for Hyun Joong is endless. Moreover, some fans even have dangerous actions by trying to break the barrier to get up-close pic of HJL even though the security staffs have warned them.

Among the fans coming to the plaza today, there are also fans from Japan and Korea. In response to the comment that HJ has “cold-face,” Hyun Joong explains that because of his busy schedules and the long night flight, he was a bit tired yesterday. Also, he worried for fans who have chased after his car. To show his friendliness and warm-heartedness, his smile this afternoon is really “melting.”

Hyun Joong also signs and takes photos with lucky fans who have won the raffle from TFS. As a really famous Korean singer/actor, the enthusiasm of fans is not only seen within Vietnam but also other Asian countries. After the success with the movie Boys Over Flower, JiHoo of F4 has quickly become a hallyu star. Although Playful Kiss is not as successful as BOF, HJ’s appearance in the drama also helps in the rating of the drama.

The visit of HJ to TFS store only lasts about 15mins. Despite the thirst to see idol of fans, KHJ quickly returned to his car which has already waited outside. After HJ says goodbye to fans, the excited air at Vincom is stirred up again. Fans even push security staffs in order to run after their idols. It is known that some fans still wait at Vincom after HJL already left with the hope to catch a glimpse of HJ.

Tomorrow, Aug 12, Hyun Joong will visit one more TFS store and then attend the fan meeting event in the afternoon with about 3,000 fans attending. After that, HJ will take the night flight back to Korea.

[News] Hyun Joong brings storm to Vincom Centre, Vietnam [11.08.2011]

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All places that Hyun Joong stops by become so overenthusiastic and over crowded!

In the afternoon of August 11th, Kim Hyun Joong continues his schedule in Vietnam by a visit to TFS Vietnam at Vincom Trade Center.

His presence attracts so many fans, who already waiting for him from the early afternoon.

In contrast with his cold face and tired expressions at the press conference, Kim Hyun Joong has got back his mood. He continuously smiles and waves back to fans.

[Video + Fanpics] Hyun Joong visits TFS Vietnam @ Vincom, HCM city, Vietnam 11.08.2011

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[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Vincom Centre, visiting TFS Vietnam [11.08.2011]

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[Interview] Hyun Joong's short interview with Vietnamese Media 11.08.2011

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Kim Hyun Joong had a friendly talk with Vietnamese reposters this morning. This short interview took place at the hotel room.

Q: How do you feel when seeing Vietnamese fans waiting for you at the airport as well as in front of the hotel last night?

I'm very surprised, happy and touched with Vietnamese fans' unbelievable love and enthusiastic supports to me. However, that's also the reason which makes me feel worry for fans' safety.

Q: People say that you hide your brillant smiles since coming to Vietnam!
Partly, because it's so late when I arrived at the airport. Besides, I'm worry for fans' safety. I hope that I will have many chances to contact with fans in the next activities in Vietnam, especially at tomorrow fan meeting.
Q: How do you feel when your "hit song" "Please" has been banned by The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in Korea?
That is a song intended for adult audiences. I think all of you here can enjoy it.
Q: After conquering Asia countries, do you intend to launch your music to international market?

Now I have been carrying many activities across Asia. Of course I also want to develop to the whole world. I'm setting up a plan for next year activities.

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong @ the hotel room in Vietnam, after press conf [11.08.2011]

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