[Photo]Hyun Joong - Playful Kiss @ Canteen Shooting


Look at Hyun Joong's hand!!...likes a woman!! hahah

[Edit photo]Hyun Joong - She's beautiful

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OMG!!!!...My Hyun Joong!! what happen to u??...but still cute more than real woman!....kkkk

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Clearest[Photo]Hyun Joong - Coal Delivery

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong – CNN: South Korea is the Eastern Hollywood

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CNN Asia loves to talk about Korea Culture. They featured many of K-entertianment's most popular in 2010 like Kim Hyun-joong, Daniel Henney, Lee Hyo-ri, Super Junior members, etc..

This year, they are focusing on the popularity of South Korean movies and dramas.

Below is an excerpt of their recent discovery of the popularity of Korean entertainment:
"Koreans use the term "hallyu" to describe the phenomenon. It refers to the "Korean Wave" of entertainment that has swept across the shores of almost every single country in the region, even increasingly beyond. Some are now even referring to the trend as "hallyu-wood….."

A senior manager at KBS explains, "…part of the reason why the country's culture industry is so successful abroad stems from the fact that the content is high quality and also cheap, at least compared to entertainment that could be bought from other, particularly Western, markets. Culture also plays a role. Korean content, especially dramas, is as, if not more, popular than Western series because, simply put, Asians relate to it more."

I enjoy the dramas because of the quailty of the production. Of course, the superb acting is the key.

What attracted you to Hallyu-wood?

[Scans]Hyun Joong @ OK Magazine Thailand January

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the topic said..."Rating no effect to an Award'....I'm agree!!!..deserve for him!!!

[Scans] Hyun Joong – クレアスタ February 2011 Issue Vol. 02

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[Video] Korea Most Popular CF Star on CTV News – Hyun Joong

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