[Info]How much do SS501 members' apartments cost?

Credit: ss501ode.blogspot.com

My Hyun Joong always the BEST!!!!! kkkkk

Hyunjoong's apartment:

Price: 3 billion won
Location: Chungdamdong in Kangnam-gu
Type: Villa

Hyungjun's apartment:

Price: 3 billion won
Type: Newly Built Villa

Jungmin's apartment:

Price: 1.4 billion won
Location: Nonhyundong in Kangnam-gu
Type: Luxurious 2-storey Villa (Mansionette)

[News]Kim Hyun Joong is 2nd Most Expensive Cosmetic Endorser

Source: http://imnews.imbc.com/
Photo Credit: The Face Shop

1) Go Hyun Jung - 5 Years Contract for 5 Billion Won

>>> 2) Kim Hyun Joong - 2 Years Contract for 1.8 Billion Won <<<

3) Lee Seung Gi - 2 Years Contract for 1.6 Billion Won

[Info]SSFF Project for Leader B-Day+SS501 6th Anniversary


Hello My Dear SSFF + T-S:)
As you guys known June 6 is our dearest leader birthday and June 8 is our SS 6th Anniversary.So I want to made a project for our leader and SS Anniversary.I hope you guys can join it for our SS ^^.After I collect all Photos in to video ^^ made a DVD and send to KetEast by Post so our leader can see our both projects ^^ . After not start your project please read Our Rules First ^^


1.We only accept Handmade for both projects

2.Your project can be read clearly
[We not accept the project that’s words are not clear]

3.Don’t for get to write your name and country in your project

4.Our Dead Line is May 15th 9:00 AM
[Coz we need time to collect all project cards and making video]

5. After finish your project take a photo and send it to ss501foreverfans@gmail.com or send to @blackrose50101 by Twitter
[Coz we want HD pic so Please don’t post in our SSFF FaceBook Wall and Please send by mail or Twitter]

Project for Leader B-Day

The project for leader B-Day name is “Our Forever Leader”
Project step are easy ^^ u can design you project as u want ^^ but you have to write the words “We Forever Love Our SS501 Leader” and u can write the words what u want to say to oppa leader ^^

(Just a example LoL u can do as u want but only handmade Ok ^^)

Making your project with Flowers

Making with Origami

Drawing a design what u want ^^


Project for SS501 6th Anniversary

The project for SS501 6th Anniversary name is “We Forever Love SS501”
Project step are same with leader project ^^ u can design you project as u want ^^ but you have to write the words “SS501 We Forever Love You” and u can write the words what u want to say to our SS501 ^^

(Just a example LoL u can do as u want but only handmade Ok ^^)

Making your project with Flowers

Making with Origami

Drawing a design what u want ^^


If u not understand project step please post on SSFF wall or post on my personal account wall or ask me by Twitter @blackrose50101

Please follow the instructions and participate

Thank You

Read more:http://ss501foreverfans.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=fantalks&action=display&thread=4373#ixzz1KGPiwEKP

[Info]SS501 Hyun Joong Leader Birthday Project


guys.here is! our SS501 leader bday is upcoming,since roe(suzu,minnie) is busy with SS501 6th celebration,so i will manage this event,SS501 Leader bday project.what can u do for this project is so simple
The theme is ' I LOVE SS501 leader'i make 3 project here,so u guys choose what kind of project u would like to do.

1.handmade project

------> u can do a handwriting card in a manila card,or whatever paper,write there what u want as long not too much,(if too much,im afraid he cant see it)
then MUST WROTE there.. ' I LOVE SS501 leader'.. that the theme of project.Please dont forget to state ur name,ur age and ur country
after making the card,u can scan it (who have a scanner) and to those who dont have scanner,just take the pic..but pls make sure leader can read it ^^

2.Editic card

------> okay,this is quite familiar among of you ^^ making card using comp.;) for this project,u guys also can make edit card..and the theme must be ' I LOVE SS501 Leader' that MUST be in ur card.u can wrote there whatever u wanna wrote,but hehe,dont put too much word ya, and also please state ur name,ur age,ur country.

3)Star Card

-------> okay,for this,its bit simple ,for this project,u can make a star then write 'I LOVE SS501 leader' using the star on a paper or anything.but please dont forget state ur name,ur age,and country.then take the pic on it^^ after that,u can send it to me via twitter or facebook or email,or the simple one,send to our wall ^^

email ----> hamizahw@yahoo.com
fb -----> mizahtriples
twitter------?@ss501sister (sorry guys,im not often being in FB,im always in twitter,so u guys can send it via twitpic)
or send to .. SS501 Until Forever group


about the card,dont worry,ur card i will sent to KeyEast right after the deadline & after make a video,then i will sent it to KeyEast ^^ since i always sent so many thing toward them,so i want it to arrived to HJL at the right time,its okay if arrived early,but not late.

Read more: http://ss501foreverfans.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=fantalks&action=display&thread=4361#ixzz1KGOoiptp

[Info]HENECIA is Kim Hyun Joong's Official FANCLUB

credits: hyun-joong.com

a few days ago,, keyeast opened polling for everyone to choose fanclub name for Hyun Joong.. and it already choosen... HENECIA... ^^

HENECIA means : Hyun Joong + Benecia ( Blessed in Latin ) = Blessed Hyun Joong & Blesses people because of Kim Hyun Joong

[Info] Details of the upcoming 2011 FC Men Matches (24th April)

Repost from hyunited6686

Part 1
source : http://www.bluewings.kr/news/notice_view.asp?seq=1490
eng trans : @fcmensince2011

[24/4 match detail]

24/4 home opening match

ticket sale : 15.00

door opens : 16.40

match starts : 17.00 [it's first official match of FC MEN]
(Suwou Bluewings FC Men VS Incheon Design High) FC MEN 오픈 경기는 연간회원권, 경남전 티켓으로 관람 가능

ticket price : adult 12000 won
teenager 6000 won
kid 2000 won

the annual member can attend for free.

Part 2

source : http://www.bluewings.kr
eng trans : @fcmensince2011

[about 24/4 FC MEN activity ]: lucky fans

Lucky fans were picked up at the passed match 15/4

The lucky fans get a chance to attend 24/4 match and shake hand with Suwon Bluewings FC MEN
>>>poster about lucky fans


The lucky fans must be happy because FC MEN members have picked them up themself

All lucky fans are 11 persons

date : Sunday 24.04.2011 5 pm FC MEN vs incheon stylego

benefit : have a seat for the match of FC MEN , get uniform

**the picture in poster shows FC MEN members random lucky fans's name
**lucky fans please contact at stadium from now - 4.30 pm 24/4