[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Arrived KBS Station for Supporting Young Saeng by HSscandal [2011.05.13]

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no one can make me crazy like this guy!!!!

[FanCam] Kim Hyun Joong Arrived KBS Station for Supporting Young Saeng by HSscandal [2011.05.13]

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong -- PlayFul Kiss Hanryu #1-4 by Elley

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Photo] Kim Hyun Joong -- Samsung Card

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[Fan Photo] Kim Hyun Joong -- Playful Kiss Exhibition


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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong -- Playful Kiss Hanryu # 5 by Elley...

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[News][16.05.11] Kim Hyun Joong to appear on Happy Together 3

Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201105161732561001
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Kim Hyunjoong will start his engine with his appearance in variety programmes alongside his comeback.

According to KBS personnel, they have revealed that Kim Hyunjoong has plans lined up for the recording of KBS2 ‘Happy Together 3′ on June 18. He is currently adjusting his schedules.

In the upcoming June, Kim Hyunjoong will be releasing his album, and will start his official activities as a singer then. To this, it was also divulged that he will not be rejecting appearances in variety programmes as well. However, before his album is released, he won’t be doing things like acting and other external activities.

For this time’s first solo album, Kim Hyunjoong has aimed to put in all his effort to create this piece of work, not as SS501 but as solo. To this of course, many fans are very much awaiting and anticipating.

-last paragraph omitted, about moving into different agencies and each member’s future plans which was already repeated-


Source: newsen
Translation: Wonderrrgirl @ KimHyunJoong.com

At the same time as having his comeback, Kim Hyun Joong will also be starting to attend variety show programs as well.

According to a representative from KBS, Kim Hyun Joong will be scheduled to record KBS 2TV “Happy Together 3″. At this moment, his schedules is in the midst of adjustment.

Kim Hyun Joong’s solo album will hit the stands in June and will take the lead in full-fledged singer activities. Thereupon, he is determined to ensure that his performances does not fall below standards. However, before his album sales commence, there are no confirmed plans about acting or other activities yet.

This is the first time he will put in his fullest heart and soul into preparing enthusiastically for his first solo album as Kim Hyun Joong, not SS501. Already many fans have indeed been anticipating and buzzing about it.

Meanwhile, in front of Kim Hyun Joong, SS501 Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun has already conducted their solo singer debut, and B2M Entertainment’s arisen star Heo Young Saeng has released his dance title song and first solo album in April. While Kim Kyu Jong is not moving towards singing, he will be going towards an acting debut, and it is known that he is in the midst of choosing (scripts).