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[News]Kim Hyun Joong personally showed love, makeup-less delivering coal to many houses

Article by ifensi + (eng trans) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com
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Recently, photos of Kim Hyun Joong personally delivering coals had been spread in the Net. Info stated, these photos were taken during the time Kim Hyun Joong participated in "Sending Warmth" activity. At cold weather of minus 10deg, Kim Hyun Joong paid visits and delivered coals, delivering warm love. He not only delivered coals but also donated 10000 pcs of coal, at the same time also activated a label which he was endorsing to also donate 10000 pics of coal. In addition, kindhearted Kim Hyun Joong as compared to fanmeetings or other events, instead invited over 100 fans to join in this activity to deliver coals, delivering warm to the needy people. Places where vehicles are unable to reach Kim Hyun Joong personally delivered over, warmth can be seen in Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. At the same time people who had received his help also expressed their gratitude. In this cold weather, it was a warm sight at the place. In addition, Kim Hyun Joong is preparing for new album and looking out for good work.

*good work here refers to good drama/movie script

[Fan Account][2011.01.06] Coal delivery love sharing Event - Kim HyunJoong oppa must pay back the money for breaking the coal

Source: blog.naver.com/harukhj
Chinese translation: 米娜 @ hyunbar66.cn
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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Just returned from the event. Had been informed to arrive by 2 o'clock, fear that will be late, so took a cab over. There's also fans who were late, also HyunJoong oppa was also late for around 10mins, 15mins?... Made me wasted 7000 won cab fare... AhAh!!!! To me this poor person, that was a big sum ah...

But comparing to be able to see KyunJoong oppa, that 7000 won.. What would that little money counted as? kekeke After confirming the name list, getting the gloves and sleeves, apron, finished wearing everything~

I brought a white scarf.. should had taken off the scarf when working, but the silly me had forgotten to took off the scarf, so my scarf had gradually turned black... kakaka

A few dancer oppa were also here... After a while, HyunJoong oppa was also here. After arriving, he went directly to the toilet.. Fans on site were laughing... kekekekekeke After a while, coming out from toilet, he greeted the fans on site, I was standing at the opposite of HyunJoong oppa, can see very clearly, his face was completely without makeup.. I had a shocked.. can felt that his eyes were a little puffed, kekeke seems to be just woke up from his dreamland, seemed to have clean up in a rush and rushed over here, kekeke, seemed like not even putting on BB cream on his face.

Last time when I joined any event, always seen HyunJoong oppa mostly would be in suit attire and leather shoe, looking very perfect, but that feeling were not like a person in real life, so I even like oppa current look... kekeke a little like charming (overly) neighbourhood brother. st...

Oppa wore a black sports pants, black jacket, white sports shoes. Wearing black cap. The ball on the cap was around the size of oppa's face, if I wear it, that ball would not be so big, but HyunJoong oppa wore it... that ball seemed to be even bigger --^ Today once again can feel that his face was really small ah.

When just started to greet fans, using the mic he said: "Annyeong haseyo" (Hi, everybody), but fans behind shouted "Can't hear ah". So he repeat loudly and said: "An.nyeong.ha.se.yo", maybe it was due to his tone, causing everybody onsite to laugh.

He said today he purposely wore matching full black attire, but wearing white shoes, definitely would work hard until the white shoes turned into black shoes, after that started to deliver coal.

That place looked a bit like SanGolDong(?), at the beginning everybody lined up in a line and started passing to each other. During the first few rounds still felt very interesting... and also very happy, but as the time went by... felt a little tired.

My location was at the middle, but HyunJoong oppa was at the very bottom. Gradually, we started to grumble. Said around this time, should had came up to show his face, then would have more power, just saying that, saw HyunJoong oppa walking towards here... kekeke

The road was very narrow (not even 1 meter width, kekeke), while walking up, oppa greeted everybody, when reaching infront of me he only concentrated on greeting with the person infront of me, didn't looked at me and went over. If it were usual, I don't care about those girls that greet or not greet... However, today no matter also need to let oppa knew I am here, so, I shouted towards oppa back: "Please also give me a greet ah, kekeke" HyunJoong oppa was thinking that was which noona fan, so he turned back and greeted politely "Ne, Annyeong haseyo", however, when he saw me after turning back, he waved to me.. kekeke so cute and also felt very funny, kekekekekeke

Just like that after delivering around 300 pieces, then change to every person carried 2 pieces sending door to door. At the beginning, HyunJoong oppa carried 4 pieces, after that changed to 2 pieces, kekekekeke (dancer oppas and other men were almost carrying 4 pieces) Therefore, fans were laughing at oppa... Aiyo, what's 2 pieces ah, kekeke Oppa also felt very embarrased, so he laugh, kekekekekekeke Although oppa was very skinny, but should be very strong ah..... kekekekeke

After carrying a few times, oppa started to stack coals which were delivered over..

I also carried a few times, but because growing up another year, felt that my body cannot take it, so ate some fish ball to replenish my strength. Then, change to after sending one house, go further down, heard fans said oppa was delivering coal for the people below. I ran over almost in flying speed, around 100M/sec speed, kekekekekeke

Those fans who seemed to be very tired don't know disappeared to where, suddenly became very speedy, kekekekeke

The staff beside said after changing to deliver personally, the speed was not similar, kekekekekeke

When reaching my turn, I said: "Annyeonghaseyo!" to HyunJoong oppa. Oppa replied me: "Ah!!! Em!!"... I then used my skillful flying speed to delivery up then ran back to queue. Infront of me was dancer oppa, HyunJoong oppa gave him 4 pieces to deliver, seemed like they were also tired, but still carry them up. Just like this, after picking up from HyunJoong oppa around 3 times, I returned back to the line again. When oppa passed the coal to the person infront of me, he accidentally drop them to the floor and broke it, kekeke, at that moment oppa was very panic, kekekekekekekeke everybody also said HyunJoong oppa had broken the coal, kekekekekekekekekekeke jokingly said must pay back the price of 10 pieces of coal, HyunJoong oppa seemed to be very embarrassed, took up 2 pieces of coal and said he wanted to go for a rest and quickly ran away. After that when reaching on top, again he started to stack the coal. HyunJoong oppa had never a moment tried to play a fool, kekekeke

After a while, oppa went down again, everybody lined up in a row, started to transfer to each others. Because there were too many people and too pack, there was no place that I can squeeze in, I just stood infront to look at oppa, kekeke (around 1 meter distance)

The person receiving coal and stacking up was a lady, oppa said this type of work should be done by a guy... Almost wanted to ask to switch person, but the work had already completed, kekekekeke

After that, oppa went away again, everybody followed right behind him, safety ajjussi said everybody don't need to tag along, so everybody stop their footstep, however, I still wanted to follow, so just continue to follow, kekekekeke

It was the last house.... Also did a little work over there, after that was also tired, so kept asking there's how many more... kekeke

Just said only left 20 pieces, how come only left 20 pieces... keke ajjussi who were in-charged of safety were also tired, seemed to be very tiring.

An old grandmother walked out, kept saying because she was very poor, causing the youngster had to suffer in the cool weather kinda words, felt very heart pain.. To be frank, although the weather was cold, but when started to work, can't feel the cold anymore... woowoo looking at that grandmother, her feet were wearing rubber slippers... felt that grandmother was even colder, woowoowoowoo

Actually when I was young my father was seriously sick, needed a large sum of medical fees, had also stayed in this kind of place before, woowoowoo, so can understand their feelings... The country should quickly help these poor and needy people, but the president was actually that kind of person (?).. To get it soon is almost impossible, woowoowoowoo could deeply felt that social welfare problem needed to be solved as soon as possible. Although now I am not living very lavishly, but still can have 3 full meals daily... Once again I felt thankful for what I had own now.

After completed the delivery, while using wet tissue to wipe his hand, HyunJoong oppa walked towards fans and said goodbye to them, because it was quite far, once again I tag along behind him... kekekeke

So Oppa was drinking warm water, and grouping around to chat with everybody for a while, of course, I was one of them, although didn't have any topic, kekekeke

Wei, are you really Hallyu star Kim HyunJoong? keke It was a youngster from the village that went out, kekekekeke there was a person brought his secondary school son to join in this activity, maybe because was also male, and also younger than him, seemed like oppa was chatting friendlily, and also don't use polite form. (I am also a guy ah...) kekeke When Oppa took out wet tissue from his pocket to give that child, that person that look like a mother plead: "Pls give me that" HyunJoong Oppa was humoured by her and laughed. kekekekeke

Because my face was stained until quite black (everybody seemed to be talking and let me worked alone. kekekeke), so I felt shy to look at oppa's face. kekekekekeke

Then, oppa greet everybody farewell, said everybody had work hard, wanted to give everybody a treat, but there was not a restaurant nearby which can fit so many people, so change to next time, kinda words. Fans kept shouting must treat us ah!!!!!!!! keke, don't give excuses!!!! If really look around, definitely there's such place, if there's not, isn't it there's a huge space in oppa house!!! Also our house front garden. kekeke if still cannot, please leave your credit card, after we settle the bill will mail it back to you. Or else, I treat you, after finished meal then go, woowoowoowoo then he said the people here will see us in the tv, if felt that you are living better than them, then hope that will continue to actively participate in charity activities etc. Fried chicken company maybe had promised to give fried chicken to people who participated in this event, oppa then said although it was not given by him, just treat it as it was give by him to everybody... after playfully said that, he went up his car and left.

Although my fan account sequence was very messy, but could see that during the activity HyunJoong oppa was very friendly and kind to talk to fans, seemed like his mood was very good, dancer oppas were also very hard working, and also Codi noona today also don't need to come purposely (of course was completed no makeup) also very hard working, looked totally different from the usaul tired and stern look... kekekekekeke

Seemed like always seen other stars just came to took photograph, show face, didn't do anything and left.

This event didn't even invited the media (only the fried chicken company and also key company people were taking photographs), also HyunJoong oppa's attire was also "I want to work diligently and harder than everybody here" kinda style, everybody were really very seriously working. Because I am tired, in the middle, I did go for a rest... hahahaha I even joke while working said because of age, cannot work kinda of words, oppa look at me mockingly. Oppa, although I am younger than you one year old, but I was not young anymore.. woowooowoo but comparing to 30 years old, I am closer to 20's, but HyunJoong oppa is closer to 30's, kekeke

Until today had joined quite some events from the fried chicken company, not to see who ate the most.. Everytime also seemed to end up not happily, but this event was very meaningful, and the atmosphere was very warm, very nice. In future, hope HyunJoong oppa endorsed product company would have more of these kind of meaningful events.

Also, the money for the 2 pieces of coal which HyunJoong oppa broken, let me pay for them, kekekekekeke

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