[photo]SS501 come back to defend the earth by lcribibe

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[Editphoto]Hyun Joong - desire dissatisfied


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[Sponsor]Hyun Joong -SIEG FAHRENHEIT [new]


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[Fanphoto]Hyun Joong - I'm David shopping bag

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shopping bag

Outside the shop in the evening

Shopping bag

Inside the shop

[News] DSP Media prepares to debut a new boy group

credit : allkpop

DSP Media Entertainment is preparing to debut a new boy group that industry representatives have nicknamed “SS502.” The company opened an audition earlier, and the final members were chosen on January 7th.

The company created the group with the intention to continue the success of their representative boy group, SS501. Although their debut date hasn’t been revealed yet, each of the members are undergoing strict training in a variety of genres.

In an interview with Newsen, DSP Media revealed, “About five members have joined the group. We’ll be releasing details on the confirmed members by the end of this month. We’ve brought in our composers to change it up musically, and our goal is to debut them within the first half of this year.”

Source: Newsen via Daum

[News]DSP Entertainment announces formation of SS502

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original source; sports seoul
translation source; koreaboo

SP Entertainment held an audition for a follow-up group to SS501 and has announced that the new 7-member group will be called SS502 for the time being.

SS501, whose name stands for “Super Star,” “Singer,” and “5 members united as 1,” debuted in Korea in 2005 and Japan in 2007. In October 2010, it was announced that they would be back in 2011 with an album, but in the meantime the members are doing solo work. Hyunjoong filmed Playful Kiss, while Youngsaeng and Kyujong are holding fan meetings across Asia. On January 20, Jungmin will be releasing his comeback solo album “Not Alone.”

Considering the “501″ from SS501 stands for “5 members united as 1,” does this mean that “502″ in SS502 does not have the same “5 members united as __” meaning? What do you think about this new group and its meaning?