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[News]Hyun Joong "Naughty Kiss"promotions the proceeds donated to resume in May

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Singer and actor, Hyun Joong... Naughty Kiss drama which was interrupted by an earthquake in Japan 'naughty kiss, local promotions will resume.

Japan is the 16th Nikkan Sports Japan "which was interrupted by earthquake affected Korea Drama 'naughty kiss, talk and live events of the premium will be held in May, " he said.

According to Nikkan Sports' playful kiss, Kim Hyun joong and Jung So Min coming on May 3 to be held at Osaka International Convention Center 'naughty kiss - Premium Talk & Live' to participate in this event.

Nitkan Sports Japan "such as power shortages in Japan opens in Osaka later this event, first held in Tokyo, will be reviewed, " said "The donation of the proceeds donated to some, "he said.

'playful kiss in Japan hit record circulation of 2700 copies the original comics work, and last year, broadcast on MBC drama."Jung So Min and Kim Hyun joong said.

[Photo]Hyun Joong with 5 small girls @ 2011 peach star cup


[Photo]Hyun Joong with Asian Female Volunteer

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[Fan Photo][15.04.11] Hyun Joong @ 2011 Peace Star Cup by Lieblich

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[Info]Playful Kiss DVD is the top rented disc in Japan

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From April 4-10, Playful Kiss alternately occupied 1,2,3,4 5,6,7,8 positions in Japan’s largest DVD rental company [츠타야] http://www.tsutaya.co.jp/ .

Unfortunately, because of limited Playful Kiss DVD Disc for rent, they were not able to rent discs to other customers.

[Photo]Kim Hyun Joong Dolce & Gabanna Clothing Sponsor

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[GIF] Hyun Joong Warm Up GIF from 110408 Soccer Practice

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Fancam : HyunJoong @ Peace Star Soccer Match 110415 by KIMHYUNJOONG “YES”

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SS501 Hyun Joong @ MBC Section TV 110417

110417 MBC스포츠매거진 FCMEN창단식현장 Sport Magazine interview