[Photo]Hyun Joong @TFS event in Vietnam by Pluto0606[13.08.11]


[Fan photos]Hyun joong ---Break down hi5 in Taiwan 14.08.11

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[News] Taiwan Fans Drenched In Rain To See Korean Star Kim Hyun Joong

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Korean star Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Taipei today and held his outdoor fanmeeting, but before the fanmeeting start, there was a huge downpour, causing the fans and all the crew members drenched in the rain at the venue. The fans who were either in the shelter or drenched in the rain refused to leave and no matter what they want to see their idol, Kim Hyun Joong.

The fans, "The rain is too heavy!"

Wearing raincoats, holding on to their umbrellas, heavy dowpour just like splashing of water, pearls of rain falling from the sky continuously without stopping, everyone is almost drenched to their skin but they still refused to leave all because of wanting to see Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong, "Hello everyone, I am Kim Hyun Joong."

With his golden hair, mesmerising smile and dashing looks, Kim Hyun Joong appeared, initially the fanmeeting should start at 3pm but due to the heavy downpour it was delayed till 1 hour later. Organiser start to accelerate the process, Kim Hyun Joong changed the hi5 to only a 3sec handshake, so as to let the fans who were drenched to quickly leave the venue. However, they are willing to be wet in order to see their idol.

Fans, "Even the rain is very heavy, he is still very nice."

Reporters, "Why do you like him?"

Fans, "Cos his songs are very nice, he is good looking too."

Outside the venue, there were even fans who were crying while drenched in the rain, eyes without leaving him for 1 sec, doesnt matter that they themselves were dripping wet but cant bear to see their idols get expose to rain.

Reporters, "Kim Hyun Joong is not drenched, no worries."

Fans, "In the 1st place, he shouldnt be exposed to the rain."

There were 500 fans in the venue for the handshake event, while there were 300 to 400 fans outside looking, altogether there were almost 1000 fans drenched in the rain, holding on to umbrellas in their little yellow raincoats, no matter how drenched they are, they still willing and wanting to wait till their idol come. This really let everyone have an insight on how charming of the korean stars idols are.

[Fan Photo] Hyun Joong’s arrival @ Taiwan Airport part 1 [14.08.11]

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[Photo] Hyun Joong with Calvin Chen of JKPop Music Craze

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[Fancam + Eng Trans] HyunJoong @ Taiwan Hi-5 Event by Nagootv [2011.08.14]

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong's Schedule for Taiwan & Singapore

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Sunday 14 Aug

12:05pm Arrive Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport via Korean Airlines KE691 (Terminal 1)
3pm - 4.30pm '2011 High Five Taipei Fan Meeting' @ UNI-Hankyu Department Store Taipei Branch 2F Dream Square with 500 lucky fans
Verification of lucky draw owner & Collection Queue Nunber: 10 - 12pm
Queing starts: 2 - 2.30pm

Monday 15 Aug

"Break Down" Greater China Region Press Conference

Tuesday 16 Aug

TheFaceShop Promotion
Autograph on poster: Total 200 person
Photo taking: Total 100 person (10 in a group)
Auction participation: Total 150 person

BanQiao Branch
Time: 10am
Registration time: 8.30 - 10pm

XiMen Branch
Time: 2pm
Registration time: 12.30 - 2pm

Auction of Kim HyunJoong personal items at XiMen Branch (Proceeds to be donated to WorldVision)
Time: 2.30pm
Registration time: 1 - 2pm
Venue: Ximen Branch

*Extra activity: TheFaceShop 'Premium Oxygen Water' promotion activity - No.1 'Oxygen girl' selected by netizen will be able to interact with HyunJoong on stage and HyunJoong will give her flower bouquet to 'propose' to her.

Wednesday 17 Aug

2.25pm Departure Taipei Taoyuan Airport (Terminal 2) via Singapore Airlines SQ877 to Singapore

6.50pm Arrival Singapore Airport

Thursday 18 Aug

No further information released yet

Friday 19 Aug

3.30pm 'Summer Time with Kim HyunJoong' fan meeting @ The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa (Photo taking & autograph on 'Break Down' CD for lucky winners)

[News] Kim Hyun Joong to Hold "Summer Time" Fan Meeting in Singapore

Credit: Henecia.com+ soompi.com

SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong has embarked on his "Break Down" album promotions in conjunction withTheFaceShop Asia Tour beginning with Japan. In addition, the busy star will be coming to Singapore next Wednesday!

After Vietnam and Taiwan, Kim Hyun Joong will be heading to Singapore on Wednesday. There will only be one fan activity during this trip. Organized by TheFaceShop Singapore, fans may pick a "Scratch and Win" card after purchasing SGD 160 worth of products and buying the "Break Down" album at SGD 15.90. The sure-win cards will entitle bearers to either a normal admission, admission with autograph opportunity, or admission with group photo-taking opportunity. Promotion continues on until August 15.
Themed "Summer Time with Kim Hyun Joong", fans are requested to come attend the fan-meeting dressed in green, which coincides with TheFaceShop's corporate color and group color of SS501. The party will take place at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa at 3:30 PM on August 19.
If you are planning to head out to the airport to give Kim Hyun Joong a warm welcome to your country, do note the information below for upcoming stops on the Asia Tour:
Arrival in Singapore on August 17
Flight: SQ 877
ETA: 18:40 Hrs
Arrival in Malaysia on August 20
Flight: MH 604
ETA: 10:50 Hrs
Arrival in Thailand on August 23
Flight: MH 784
ETA: 10:15 Hrs

For fans whose country is not on the Asia Tour list, be sure to take part in our Soompi Twitter Giveaway and try to win Kim Hyun Joong’s autographed CD! Good luck!

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Taiwan by Sarah 14.08.2011

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[News] The Person: Hallyu star, Kim Hyun Joong

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[Fan Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Incheon Airport going to Taiwan 14.08.2011

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[FanCam] Kim Hyun Joong @ Incheon airport Going to Taiwan

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[Video] Hyun Joong – M Time [13.08.11]

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[Engsub] Kim Hyun Joong´s BreakDown ShowCase in Tokyo @ ETN News

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