[News] 5th Peace Star Cup held in Seoul’s Suwon World Cup Stadium [15.04.11]

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aigoo!! i cant see HJ!! in the ceremony group photo .....mayb he so tired...left straight after the match!!

Today, the 5th Peace Star Cup was held in Seoul’s Suwon World Cup Stadium. It consists of many singers, gagmen, actors and talents who participated in today’s big event.

FC Men had a great headstart with Junsu scoring his well-deserved goal, and HJ scoring his undeserved goals (offside goals with no score earned/blocked out by defender). He was so happy about his goal though, and also could not hide his sadness when his goal was deemed ‘offside’ (he even protested haha)

FC Men was praised to be a team with burning passion and adept football skills. And HJ earned much praises as well for his soccer skills too. In the end, FC Men won against FC Superstars at 1:0. They are very delighted and ecstatic about it. Junsu had the biggest credit, so an MVP award was awarded to him.

FYI, you don’t see HJ in the ceremony group photos because he left straight after the match.

[info] Korea Kids Choice Awards 2011 – Hyun Joong #5

1) Yoo Jaesuk

2) IU

3) 2PM


5) Kim Hyun Joong



8) Kang Ho Dong

9) Lee Seung Gi

10) Jokwon

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[HD] HJ FC Men Soccer game 2 by Sport TV

[HD] HJ FC Men Soccer game 1 by Sport TV

did Korea Sport TV only focusing on KHJ only?? ekekeke...

[Photo] Hyun Joong in Han Bok – Lotte DFS

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[Interview][15.04.11] JYJ Kim Jae Joong talked about Kim Hyun Joong

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[Truth in Drink 1] JYJ Kim Jaejoong “TVXQ, It Was Not a Problem Between the Members”


The Single Photograph: Luxury Interior Design? “I Ordered Them Myself Online”

Q: Nowadays many various pictures on the internet are talks of the town. What is this “date picture” from when you were in high school?

“Ah, I also saw that. I think it was probably around Myungdong, Seoul. It’s before debut so it seems that it’s probably when I was high school. It’s true that I was on a date with a girlfriend. But it’s been so long now that I don’t even know how she is.”

Q: The “I was there” shot in a gathering for drink with the entertainer Kang Yebin?

“Ah, that was my birthday party, on January 26th. I met with some of my friends in a bar in the vicinity of Apkujeongdong, Seoul, and I saw her for the first time then. I don’t know Ms. Kang Yebin very well but I came to say hello to her because she came with a drama script writer that I know very well. In truth we sat quite far apart, one front one back, but the picture had such an amazing angle that, on the picture, we seemed like we were leaning on each other. (laugh)”

Q: At that itme, what other people also came?

Most of them were my non-entertainer friends. Among the entertainers it was Hong SeokCheon Hyung and Narsha Nuna and such.

Q: The luxury interior of your new home to which you moved was also the talk of the town.

“I did them myself. However, they are not “luxury.” Among them, about 80%, I decorated with inexpensive internet orders. I’ve always liked doing interior design. Even when me and Mr. Kim Hyunjoong , the two of us, were living together, I did the interior design of the house.

Lived Together with Kim Hyunjoong, Living Alone Now.

Q: So you’ve lived together with “Boys Before Flowers” Kim Hyunjoong.”

Until the end of last year, for about 1 year, we lived together. And at the beginning of this year we moved, Hyunjoong to Chungdamdong and I to Jamshil.”

Q: How did [you come to know] Hyunjoong?

“I got to know him before debut out of coincidence. After that, we have been close friends throughout.”

Q: There must be points on which “men of warmth” (T/N: attractive men) connect.

“It’s not that… (laugh). I met Hyunjoong for the first time, and I felt a bit sorry for him. He looked fine, the way he’s shaped, but he looked a bit like a loner. (laugh) So my heart went out to him even more.”

Q: With the late Mr. Park Yongha, too, your relationship with him was special.

“When I think of that, even now my chest feels like it’s choking. It was when I had traveled to the US after the performance at Tokyo Dome in Japan. As soon as I arrived in the airport, there came a phone call by Yongha Hyung. He asked me where I was, and when I said America, he said “Ah, okay have a good performance, we should have a drink later’… to think that such was the last… And two days later I heard the news of his suicide.”

[Info] Naver Realtime Search Ranking – Hyun Joong #1

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[Photo] Hyun Joong – Lotte Duty Free Spring Promotional Photo

[Video]Hyun Joong's missed goals @FC MEN Peace Cup Soccer Match

[Photo]Hyun Joong soccer match on [2011.4.15]