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[Video] Hohoemi Project [Message to Asia] Preview @ DATV

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Preview for Hohoemi Project [Message! to Asia] that will broadcast @ DATV
Actually, in this video there are 2 video preview...
one for Hohoemi Project
and another one is Bae Yong Joon December 2010 ...
It's look like Kim Hyun Joong will appeared in that show ..hehe

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在日本的快乐时光 No.2

2011/1/10/ DA staff T





领奖后,贤重出席了电视剧WRAP-UP PARTY。



ENG Trans

Staff Blog of KHJ Offical Mobile Site

Happy time in Japan 2

2011/1/10/ DA staff T

Now will tell everyone how hyun joong spent his time in Japan last month.

Last time, wrote about hyun joong went to shopping after eating his favourite spicy ramen.

With the help of the shop assistant, he also bought a nice binnie that he liked.

In other free time, he just played i-pod and watched movies with our staffs, although it was a short stay but he enjoyed it very much.

Also, like stated in the news, he attended MBC drama awards, after that , he attended the drama's wrap up party.

He spent the new year traveling to other country with his family.

Even though he has a busy schedule, but it's time to rest for a while during the new year.

[Info] Argentinians rank SS501 members be “the sexiest Korean male stars 2010” on “Listas W”

Credit: http://listas.rpp.com.pe/sexys/2543-el-coreano-ms-sexy-del-2010
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"Listas W" of Argentina conducted a poll for "the sexiest Korean male stars 2010" in Argentina, and these are the ranks of five SS501 members:

He made his debut as leader of the popular boy band SS501 in 2005. His fame raised after starring in the popular television series "Boys Over Flowers". Recently, He played the male lead role in the MBC drama "Playful Kiss".

He is the youngest member of the successful South Korean group SS501. So his nickname is "baby" or "Magnae" (the youngest member). Kim Hyung Joon is currently a DJ for SBS Music High (daily at 2am) and participating in the musical "café-in".

One member of the successful Korean band SS501 with nickname "Sexy Charisma" Park Jung Min. He is running the final steps for comeback stage on M-net M!Countdown and KBS Music Bank this January 20th.

Debuted as a member of SS501 on 08 June 2005. He used to be shy, but gradually be enhanced, especially after returning from Japan. What prompted to do, he will do it with passion, despite his shyness. One of his nicknames is "Gorilla". Kim Kyu Jong, along with Park Jung Min, were DJs for "Youngstreet" SBS radio. Participated in an online miniseries called SETI and have been with Young Saeng holding Fans Meeting over Asia.

Heo Young Saeng was previously a trainee of SM Entertainment. Later he joined the DSP Entertainment and debuted as a member of SS501 from June 8, 2005. Young Saeng wrote a solo song, '사랑 인거죠 "(Is it love?), which is also included in the special project of the album. This song was written while they were with the activities of SS501 in Japan in 2007. He is the first member who has composed and written the lyrics of a song.

The whole list and ranks:

1. Donghae
2. Leeteuk
3. Yesung
4. KyuHyun
5. Choi Siwon

6. Kim Hyun Joong

7. SungMin
8. Kim Heechul
9. Eun Hyuk
10. Kim Kibum
11. Hero / Kim Jae Joong
12. Kim JunSu
13. NichKhun
14. Han Kyung (HanGeng)
15. Jung Yong Hwa

16. Kim Hyung Joon

17. Lee JunHo
18. Ok TaecYeon
19. Hwang ChanSung
20. U-know / Jung Yun Ho
21. Jang WooYoung
22. Lee Hong Ki
23. Max / Shim Changmin

24. Park Jung Min

25. Lim Seul Ong
26. Rain
27. Kim Jae Wook
28. Kang Min Hyuk
29. No Min Woo

30. Kim Kyu Jong

31. Lee Jung Shin
32. Lee Jong Hyun

33. Heo Young Saeng

34. Oh Won Bin
35. Micky / Park YooChun
36. Xiah / Junsu
37. Lee Min Ho
38. Kim Bum
39. Jang Geun Suk
40. Lee Joon
41. T.O.P
42. Mir
43. Seungho
44. Cheondoong / Thunder
45. Choi Jonghun
46. G-Dragon
47. Choi Min Hwan
48. TaeYang
49. G.O.
50. Lee Ki Kwang
51. Seung Ri
52. Lee Jaejin
53. Song Seunghyun
54. Kim Ki Bum (U-Kiss)
55. Yoon Doo Joon
56. Hyun Seung
57. DaeSung
58. Jun Hyung
59. Yang Yo Seob
60. Kevin
61. Shin Dong Ho
62. Son Dong Woon
63. Alexander
64. Lee Ki Seop
65. Eli
66. Shin Soo Hyun

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[Sponsor] Kim Hyun Joong – Clothing, Jewelry & Hat

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[Photo]Hyun Joong - Sumsung card [Hanbok]


[Sponsor] Hyun Joong – Mischievous Kiss Wedding Ring (JEWDE)

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....Will u married me??.....Ok!!! I do.....LOL

[Sponsor] Hyun Joong – Mentoy clothing

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[Video] Mischievous Kiss OST – MTV 日韓音樂瘋 [07.01.11]

Credit: yinglisa5387A @ YT